Creating your own henna designs

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Like any art, henna is a means of expression for the artist. Creating your own designs, improvising, and incorporating the customer’s tastes into your own designs are things a henna artist is expected to be able to do. Although these may sound restricting at first, remember that henna is ultimately about you being creative and everything else stems from there. This section will cover some aspects of henna design in general which should help in planning out a design and let you get more creative as you practise more henna. Check out the new page on creating designs to get started!



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Welcome to Henna Designs! This is a site dedicated to the ancient art of henna or mehndi. Those of you who dont know what henna is might want to take a moment to read the introduction. This site showcases some of the most interesting, intricate and exquisite henna designs I have come across, including some of my own work. Whether you are a henna artist, thinking about being one, or are just looking for a design to have done, this site will have something to offer you. Hennadesigns.org is as much by the viewers as it is for the viewers – so feel free to submit your own creations if you would like them posted up here. Let your creativity flow and enjoy your henna experience!