New Filler Designs!

Posted in News at 5:47 am by hennadesigns

Good news – there are some new designs up as you all have been asking for! I decided to put up some new filler designs which should help in creating your own designs as well! They can be found on the Indian Mehndi Designs Page. I am currently working on creating some bigger designs without the details so that they can be filled according to the artist’s taste.

I have also received questions on how to submit your own designs for the website. If you have a design you would like to submit, please email me at admin[at]hennadesigns.org with your design and your name/ username to which we can credit your design. Your design will then be put up on the Indian Mehndi Designs page or the Arabic Designs page – depending on the kind of design submitted. For now, enjoy the new filler designs!