New Designs: coming soon!

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Hello there! I have good news for all you henna lovers! Its been busy but I will try to fit a little bit of henna design uploading time soon. Expect a new design or two in the next two weeks! If you have been creative in your free time and have come up with something new, share it! I will post it up and you will get credit for your work. If you tried out one these designs and it worked out well, then send a snapshot and I'll post it up too! In the meantime, keep that creativity going and happy henna-ing!


Indian Designs

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Check out the new Indian Mehndi designs! Try out these completed hand designs with your newly or not-so-newly acquired henna skills! The designs range from vines and leaves to flowers and paisleys all in the traditional mehndi style. Enjoy!  



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Welcome to Henna Designs! This is a site dedicated to the ancient art of henna or mehndi. Those of you who dont know what henna is might want to take a moment to read the introduction. This site showcases some of the most interesting, intricate and exquisite henna designs I have come across, including some of my own work. Whether you are a henna artist, thinking about being one, or are just looking for a design to have done, this site will have something to offer you. Hennadesigns.org is as much by the viewers as it is for the viewers – so feel free to submit your own creations if you would like them posted up here. Let your creativity flow and enjoy your henna experience!